In light of the recent protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, we at LibreTexts are compelled to lend our voice to support the thousands of peaceful protestors taking to the streets across the country in order to initiate long overdue changes regarding how society treats our communities of color.

We recognize that to bring about real, meaningful and lasting change, one must first listen. The pain that our black and brown neighbors and colleagues have been forced to bear is an enduring stain on this country. The protests of the last two weeks may have been ignited by a single incident of brutality, yet, in reality, they are born from a long history of targeted repression. While this history of repression and aggression is well-known, as a society we have utterly failed to end its grip on our most vulnerable communities. This must change.

As educators, we must first listen to and acknowledge how our colleagues and students have endured discrimination, the profound and lasting effects it has had on them, and how only a portion of that pain has been wrought by police humiliation; that we, by inadvertance or, sadly worse have failed them. So often they have tried to tell us, their white colleagues, that we have created even greater burdens for them to bear by walking away rather than listening and taking action. This, too, must change.  

If there is a silver lining to be found in the tragedies of the past several months, including the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the resulting quarantines, the closing of businesses and schools, and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the world, it is that they have shown that the world must change. 

LibreTexts’ mission has always been to provide free and open educational resources for everyone, regardless of background or wealth. Our goal is to continue leveling the playing field so that anyone who wishes to pursue an education has the resources they need to do so. We know that to make LibreTexts truly accessible our readers must be able see and understand themselves, their experiences, and their communities in the books that they are using. We pledge to do this.

We stand with everyone who believes equality and basic human dignity are fundamental human rights.  We vow to continue to work alongside you to call out racism and bias wherever we see it so that we may finally create a more equal society for our communities of color.