Thanks to the success of LibreFest 2020 last week, the LibreTexts team is already hard at work planning the next installment which will coincide with the OpenEd 20 conference, from November 4-6. This workshop will closely follow the summer LibreFest’s schedule.

Are you:

  • considering an OER because you are concerned about high textbook prices and the pressure that puts on your students?
  • considering an OER so you can be more nimble this coming year with regard to hosting your courses remotely or in-person?
  • a long-time user of OERs and want to see what LibreTexts has to offer?

Whatever the reason for your interest, this two-day workshop will give you a chance learn about LibreTexts in time to use it in one or more of your courses (Apply here.

In this hands-on workshop you will: 

  1. see what is possible in an online platform when you aren’t restricted to a paper book
  2. examine a few of the hundreds of textbooks that already exist in LibreTexts
  3. create your own custom version of a textbook using the LibreTexts Remixer
  4. create your own course management page with details from your syllabus 

The goal of this conference is to train people who want to use online textbooks in their own classes, and to also build a team of collaborative workshop trainers that can continue outreach efforts in the future, especially outside of chemistry.

The workshop is designed to give you exploration time, learning time, and actual development time. Thus, you can use this workshop as a way to set aside time to actually start to build your own online textbook and/or course materials.

Register for the workshop here!

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