LibreTexts is pleased to announce Paul Seeburger’s upcoming presentation at JMM in Boston, MA on January 6, 2023. His presentation, “Customizing an Online OER Textbook for Differential Equations on the LibreTexts Platform,” will cover how to use the LibreTexts OER textbook platform to make it easy to customize an existing OER textbook to make it your own. This can include adjusting its content to be more consistent with your presentation, adding new content of your own, and mixing in content from other OER sources. The presenter will demonstrate how he customized an OER differential equations textbook by William Trench for use with his students, adjusting some content and adding a section of his own material on bifurcation.

In addition to what looks like a traditional textbook delivered online, it’s now possible to leverage the online environment to provide students with a much more actively engaging and interactive experience, going well beyond simple text and static images.

Although it takes time and effort, OER textbooks can come alive with concept explorations, interactive exercises and activities that check and enhance student understanding, and dynamic figures that help students gain insight into important relationships and concepts. To show how this can be done, the presenter will share how he has started this process by integrating formative interactive exercises and dynamic figures into his differential equations textbook to help students visually explore a variety of topics including spring motion and bifurcation.

If you’re attending JMM in-person be sure to check out Paul’s presentation on Friday, January 6, 2023 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, Liberty C (second floor) from 11-11:15 EST.

Man smiling for the camera
Paul Seeburger, Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY