Greetings, LibreTexts fans and followers! Today we’d like to introduce you to team member Justin Shorb.

Dr. Shorb is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Hope College in Holland, MI. He received his Doctorate in Chemistry from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2011, earning a joint Ph.D. in both theoretical vibrational spectroscopy as well as chemistry education with Jim Skinner and John W. Moore, respectively. His research focuses on laboratory redesign with a focus on evaluation methods, as well as online multimedia for education.

He has a passion for helping students to learn both the theory and the application of spectroscopic methods. His background in vibrational spectroscopy focused mostly on the simulation of IR Spectroscopy of peptides, which translates well into the use of Raman spectroscopy an a tool in the chemical sciences. As an educator, he has worked at Sinte Gleska University on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas, as well as in his current role as the First-Year Laboratory Coordinator at Hope College. Hope’s outstanding undergraduate curriculum utilizes a multitude of instrumentation in a hands-on manner, and therefore it is an ideal place to develop Raman curricula that can be used in and integrated manner. The labs developed here have already been incorporated into an Advanced Spectroscopy course and an Inorganic course at Hope College.

Get in touch with Justin here.