Happy Thursday, LibreTexts fans and followers! Today in our Getting to the Know the team series we’d like to introduce you to Xavier Prat-Resina.

Xavier is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR), where he teaches chemistry and works on the development and implementation of online tools for chemistry learning. A native from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, he has a PhD in theoretical chemistry and throughout the years he has learned several programming languages that have helped him build all sorts of computational tools. For example, he has built BoSCO as an easy-to-use learning analytics tool to display student performance throughout the years. Other tools such as models360 and ChemEdXData display using Jmol and “scatter plots” chemical and physical data using databases of chemical and physical information. His involvement in the LibreText project is to bring scientific data visualization and data interactivity to the online textbook platform so that the user can engage in data-driven exercises and open-ended problems. He is now spearheading the design and implementation of the new Chemistry curriculum for students graduating in Health Sciences at the UMR, and he is working on creating the corresponding new textbooks on LibreTexts.

Want to get in touch with Dr. Prat-Resina? You can find him here.