Calling all math fans, next up in our Getting to Know the LibreTexts team is Professor of Mathematics at Monroe Community College, Paul Seeburger.
Paul has been the lead-PI on two NSF grants (DUE-CCLI #0736968 & DUE-IUSE #1524968), both focused on the development of an online tool named CalcPlot3D that can be used to visually explore, teach and learn multivariable calculus concepts. His current project accomplishments include a JavaScript version of CalcPlot3D that works on tablets and phones as well as on computers.

His first NSF project was awarded the 2010 ICTCM Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics and the MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources in Mathematics in 2011. A series of multivariable calculus concept explorations have been created by Seeburger and his co-PI, Monica VanDieren of Robert Morris University, many of which have been used to assess student learning from visualization through the use of pre-tests and post-tests. To support the LibreTexts project and to enable students to “play” with the concepts as they read about them in the LibreTexts, Paul will develop a series of active/dynamic figures for relevant LibreTexts (in multivariable calculus, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other STEM disciplines) that take existing figures and make them interactive, allowing students to rotate 3D images and sometimes to vary values to see the effect on geometric relationships in figures. Paul will also help curate the math content in LibreTexts, looking for ways to improve the content, organization and delivery through LibreTexts.

Have a question for Paul? You can find him on Twitter @pseeburger.