Greetings OER advocates! Next up in our Getting to Know the LibreTexts team is Dawn Sumner, Professor of Geology and Geobiology at the University of California, Davis. In her own words:

I am passionate about open educational resources (OERs) because sharing scientific knowledge, particularly that relating to Earth sciences, is essential to building strong, responsible communities. Our civilizations exist subject to constraints from our natural environment, and everyone needs a basic scientific understanding of how our lives are impacted by environmental processes. Open educational resources provide a mechanism to share knowledge to both students and broader communities with fewer barriers. In addition, the content can be regularly updated, and I can assemble and highlight the materials I feel are most important, making it easier and more engaging for students to learn.

Fun fact: I am developing a new introductory course on Geobiology – and there are currently no appropriate textbooks at all. Our OER through LibreTexts will be the first one!

Want to get in touch with Prof. Sumner: You can find her on Twitter @sumnerd.